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La or Busk

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la or busk
Due to popular demand singer/lyricist Catherine O'Brien released her first album, LA OR BUSK and is a combination of jazz, rhythm and blues, and Latin.

LA or BUSK – the title came about because Catherine O’Brien was invited by Bob Haggart (composer of the music of “I’m Free” and “My Inspiration”) to attend the annual LA Classic Jazz Festival in the USA.  Catherine had the title LA or Busk on her guitar case while busking to help raise the money for the trip, which she made in 1996.

"..I enjoyed hearing you sing your lyrics of "I'm Free" and "My Inspiration"
(long distance).." Bob Haggart 6th August 1994.

For more about the story behind LA OR BUSK click here.

track listing
Lyrics are included with each CD.

The following samples are in MP3 format. You may need some software to listen to these such as Microsoft Media Player. To hear each sample, click on the links below.

  1. LADY'S CHOICE  (2:19)   audio clip
    Music Bernie McGann/Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    A tribute to Billie Holiday.
  2. SPIRIT SONG  (1:44)   audio clip
    Music Bernie McGann/Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    Feelgood. Tribute to love.
  3. WITHOUT YOU ALONE  (1:34)   audio clip
    Music Rosaleen O'Brien/Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    Romance. Latin Ballad.
  4. MY INSPIRATION  (2:12)   audio clip
    Music Bob Haggart/Hilton Lamare
    Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    Swing Blues - Romance.
  5. LAST STRAW  (1:05)   audio clip
    Music Bernie McGann/Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    Frivolous. Brazilian.
  6. KIAMA SUNRISE  (1:53)   audio clip
    Music Keith Hounslow/Grahame Conlon
    Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    Seaside stroll. Reminiscing.
  7. I'M FREE  (3:00)   audio clip
    Music Bob Haggart/Lyric Catherine O'Brien
    A classic.
  8. KINGS CROSS BLUES  (2:15)   audio clip
    Catherine O'Brien
    Upbeat Rhythm and Blues.







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